The XKSS is back!

This year, Jaguar Classic will rewrite the history books by building nine new examples of the world’s coolest sports car, the gorgeous Jaguar XKSS. Here’s the full story.

Race to Road

The launch of the XKSS in 1957 marked a seminal moment in Jaguar’s history. Having won three successive victories at the Le Mans 24 Hours with the D-Type between 1955-57, Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons made the inspired decision to convert 25 remaining D-Types into road cars.

That was the birth of the XKSS and it immediately set a new benchmark for what a sports car should be – unique, handcrafted, devastatingly stylish and rare. However, only 16 cars were completed before a devastating fire at Jaguar’s factory in Browns Lane, Coventry, destroyed the remaining nine.

Now, Jaguar Classic will build nine new 'continuation' cars to finish off the run, each one delivered in 2017 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of one of the most beautiful and iconic sports cars ever created. Each car will be completed at Jaguar Classic's new Experimental division in Coventry. Here, a dedicated team of designers, technicians and engineers will ensure that every single part of the car - from the iconic Moto-Lita steering wheel and Smiths dials, to the braze-welded chassis - has been designed and engineered to be as historically accurate as possible.

Jaguar To Build Iconic XKSS - 'The World's First Supercar'


Each XKSS will also exhibit the same level of individuality and craftsmanship as the original cars. Where possible, traditional skills will be employed. For example, exterior panels will be hand-rolled, not pressed, just as they were in period, and the small, but incredibly significant idiosyncracies remain intact.

The XKSS occupies a unique place in Jaguar's history and is a car coveted by collectors the world over for its exclusivity and unmistakable design. Jaguar Classic’s highly skilled team of engineers and technicians will draw on decades of knowledge to ensure each of the nine cars is completely authentic and crafted to the highest quality. Our continuation XKSS reaffirms our commitment to nurture the passion and enthusiasm for Jaguar's illustrious past by offering exceptional cars, services, parts and experiences.

Director, Jaguar Land Rover Classsic


The XKSS isn’t the first ‘continuation’ car that Jaguar has built. In May 2014 it announced that it would build a run of six Lightweight E-type racers to complement the 12 original cars that left the Browns Lane factory in 1963, thus bringing the total amount of genuine Lightweight E-types to 18. The final car was handed over to its owner earlier this year.