Jaguar F-PACE now with six-cylinder 300 and 400 SPORT models and Amazon Alexa across the range

12 April 2022

Wednesday 12 April 2022, Gaydon, UK – The Jaguar F-PACE now offers more choice and technology than ever, with the addition of the dynamic new 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT models – and the introduction of Alexa voice control across the range.

  • New F-PACE 400 SPORT: Combines the powerful, refined in-line six-cylinder Ingenium petrol mild-hybrid engine with enhanced exterior design elements and a rich, luxurious interior
  • New F-PACE 300 SPORT: Broadens customer choice by matching the design details of the 400 SPORT with smooth, efficient in-line six-cylinder Ingenium diesel mild-hybrid power
  • Assertive, confident presence: New Gloss Black 21-inch wheels, Black Pack and Gloss Black roof rails enhance F-PACE’s sculpted form to make the 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT truly distinctive
  • Beautiful, crafted interiors: Windsor leather Performance seats, Ebony Suedecloth headliner, Satin Charcoal Ash veneers and bright metal pedals enrich the luxurious, spacious cabins
  • Performance, agility and comfort: 400PS petrol and 300PS diesel six-cylinder engines provide effortless performance and maximum speeds of 155mph (250km/h) and 143mph (230km/h) respectively,
  • - while Adaptive Dynamics with Configurable Dynamics delivers an optimum balance of ride, handling and precision
  • Seamless connectivity: Pivi Pro infotainment system enhanced with wireless Apple CarPlay® as standard to keep you effortlessly connected. Wireless Android Auto™ is also standard
  • Ask Alexa[1]: Full Amazon Alexa integration with Pivi Pro means you can use natural voice commands to control navigation and music[2],
  • - manage calendars, hear news, check the weather and control smart home devices3 – just by asking – so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel
  • Electrified range: F-PACE offers efficient, refined four- and six-cylinder diesel and six-cylinder petrol mild-hybrid engines, plus petrol plug-in hybrid with all-electric driving for up to 33 miles (53km) and CO2 emissions from only 49g/km [WLTP TEL]*
  • Watch the F-PACE Alexa film here. Find out more about Alexa and how to activate here
  • Available now: F-PACE 400 SPORT from £68,520 in the UK and 300 SPORT from £62,250. The core F-PACE range is priced from £46,250. Available to order now at

Wednesday 12 April 2022, Gaydon, UK – The Jaguar F-PACE now offers more choice and technology than ever, with the addition of the dynamic new 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT models – and the introduction of Alexa voice control across the range.

Offered exclusively with smooth, refined Ingenium six-cylinder petrol and diesel mild-hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) engines respectively, the 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT are distinguished by their new 21-inch Gloss Black wheels, Black Pack, privacy glass and Gloss Black roof rails.

New F-PACE 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT
The F-PACE’s distinctive, sculpted form is further enhanced for the new 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT through a unique combination of exterior design elements which heighten their poised stance and dynamic character.

Developing the new 300 SPORT and 400 SPORT models gave us the opportunity to subtly accentuate the F-PACE’s inherently assertive, purposeful design and deliver an even more confident on-road presence, while beautiful, rich materials – including meticulously-crafted veneers – make the interiors even more luxurious. Together with the quiet, effortless performance from the six-cylinder engines, the new F-PACE 300 SPORT and 400 SPORT will make every journey extraordinary.

Adam Hatton
Exterior Design Director, Jaguar

Striking 21-inch ‘Style 5105’ wheels complement the Black Pack, privacy glass and Gloss Black roof rails, and feature a distinctive five split-spoke design and a Gloss Black finish. Customers wishing to add even further visual appeal can select the optional 22-inch ‘Style 1020’ forged wheels, available on both models in a choice of two finishes: Gloss Black with Satin Black inserts or Gloss Silver with contrast inserts. These can be specified with self-sealing all-season tyres.

The F-PACE 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT can be specified in the full range of colours, comprising one solid finish, seven metallics and a choice of two premium metallic paints – Carpathian Grey and Charente Grey.

The luxurious, crafted interior of the F-PACE is further enhanced on the 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT with 16-way heated and ventilated electric memory seats. These are matched to an Ebony Suedecloth headliner and Satin Charcoal Ash veneers. The sense of serenity and space is heightened by the addition of fixed panoramic roof and Premium Cabin Lighting. Also available on all other models in the range, this offers the driver a choice of 30 colours.

As well as luxury and refinement the new 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT deliver the outstanding performance and agility drivers expect from a Jaguar. The 400 SPORT features the Ingenium 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol MHEV engine, developing 400PS and 550Nm of torque. Featuring advanced technologies including a twin scroll turbocharger supported by an electric supercharger, continuously variable inlet valve lift control and a 250bar direct fuel injection system, this superbly refined unit enables the 400 SPORT to accelerate from
0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds) and reach a maximum speed of 155mph (250km/h).

Jaguar F-PACE now with six-cylinder 300 and 400 SPORT models and Amazon Alexa across the range
Jaguar F-PACE now with six-cylinder 300 and 400 SPORT models and Amazon Alexa across the range

The MHEV system uses a Belt integrated Starter Generator in place of a conventional alternator to recuperate energy that would otherwise be lost during deceleration and braking, which is then stored in a 48V lithium-ion battery packaged beneath the rear loadspace. This energy is used to assist the engine when accelerating away, and also enables a smoother, quieter and more responsive stop/start function.

The Ingenium six-cylinder diesel MHEV uses an advanced series-sequential turbocharging system, featuring two variable-geometry turbos, to deliver exceptional responsiveness throughout the engine’s operating range. Together with a 2,500bar piezo common rail system, this ensures effortless performance with remarkable fuel efficiency. Developing 300PS and 650Nm of torque, it ensures the 300 SPORT can accelerate from 0-60mph in only 6.1 seconds (0-100km/h in 6.4 seconds) and on to a maximum speed of 143mph (230km/h). Fuel economy and emissions are up to 38.2mpg (from 7.4l/100km) and from 194g/km CO2 respectively (WLTP TEL)*.

In addition to these six-cylinder units, the F-PACE model range is available with the 404PS four-cylinder petrol P400e plug-in hybrid powertrain, which combines an electric-only range of up to 33 miles (53km) and CO2 emissions from 49g/km (WLTP TEL)* with acceleration from 0-60mph in just 5.0 seconds (0-100km/h: 5.3 seconds).

There’s also a choice of 163PS and 204PS four-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines and a 250PS Ingenium petrol engine. The diesels also feature 48V mild-hybrid technology for even greater refinement and efficiency.

All F-PACE models feature intelligent all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmissions which can be controlled either by the Jaguar Drive Selector or – for added driver engagement – the beautifully tactile satin chrome shift paddles.

Jaguar F-PACE now with six-cylinder 300 and 400 SPORT models and Amazon Alexa across the range
image 1
Jaguar F-PACE now with six-cylinder 300 and 400 SPORT models and Amazon Alexa across the range
image 2
Jaguar F-PACE now with six-cylinder 300 and 400 SPORT models and Amazon Alexa across the range
image 3

Ask Alexa
The new 400 SPORT and 300 SPORT – like all models in the range – come with Amazon Alexa. Seamlessly integrated, it brings the familiar Alexa experience to F-PACE and provides natural voice interaction with the Pivi Pro infotainment system’s features including navigation, music, podcasts and audiobooks, calls and compatible smart devices.

Requests such as ‘Alexa, navigate me home’, ‘Alexa, play my chill-out playlist’ and ‘Alexa show me nearby coffee shops’ can all be made by voice. You can also check news, weather, and manage your schedule or shopping list – just by asking. Alexa lives in the cloud and is always getting smarter, with new features and updates continually being added and delivered automatically.

The Alexa voice experience is intuitive to use, making it easy for customers to operate keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Alexa even makes it possible to control compatible smart home features such as heating and lighting from the comfort of F-PACE’s luxurious interior. Just ask: ‘Alexa, set the living room temperature to 20 degrees’, for example.

Existing owners of F-PACE models with Pivi Pro are among more than 55,000 Jaguar customers to have been offered Alexa in a software-over-the-air update[5].

The seamless integration of Amazon Alexa with our Pivi Pro infotainment system gives customers simple, intuitive voice control of regularly used features, making the driving experience even more enjoyable. The fact we can also offer this new feature to existing customers proves the value of our software-over-the-air-updates.

Alex Heslop
Director of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

Customers in the UK and US will also be able to control and check on their F-PACE from anywhere using the Jaguar Remote Skill on any Alexa-enabled device4. For F-PACE P400e plug-in hybrid customers, ‘Alexa, ask Jaguar to check my range’ or ‘Alexa, ask Jaguar if my car is fully charged’ will be particularly helpful, while ‘Alexa, ask Jaguar if my doors are locked’ or ‘Alexa, Ask Jaguar if my windows are open’ are just some of the features customers can use.

The F-PACE offers a wealth of other smart technologies to make journeys simpler, more enjoyable and more connected. The Smartphone Pack with wireless Apple CarPlay® is standard. Wireless Android Auto™ is also standard. In addition, Pivi Pro can connect two phones simultaneously, and an optional wireless device charging pad beneath the centre console features a signal booster to improve network reception and Wi-Fi.

The 2023 Model Year F-PACE range includes R-Dynamic S, R-Dynamic SE, R-Dynamic HSE, R-Dynamic Black, 300 SPORT, 400 SPORT and SVR models.

UK Pricing





 CO2 g/km*

2.0D i4 163ps MHEV AWD Auto

D165 AWD AUTO R-Dynamic S




D165 AWD AUTO R-Dynamic SE




D165 AWD AUTO R-Dynamic Black




2.0D i4 204ps MHEV AWD Auto

D200 AWD Auto R-Dynamic S




D200 AWD Auto R-Dynamic SE




D200 AWD Auto R-Dynamic HSE




D200 AWD Auto R-Dynamic Black




3.0D i6 300ps MHEV AWD Auto

D300 AWD Auto R-Dynamic SE




D300 AWD Auto R-Dynamic HSE




D300 AWD AUTO 300 Sport







 CO2 g/km*

EV Range

2.0P i4 250ps AWD Auto

P250 AWD Auto R-Dynamic S





P250 AWD Auto R-Dynamic SE


217 -


P250 AWD Auto R-Dynamic HSE £59,125




P250 AWD Auto R-Dynamic Black




2.0P i4 PHEV 404ps AWD Auto

P400e AWD Auto R-Dynamic S





P400e AWD Auto R-Dynamic SE





P400e AWD Auto R-Dynamic HSE





P400e AWD Auto R-Dynamic Black




3.0P i6 400ps MHEV AWD Auto

P400 AWD Auto 400 Sport




5.0P V8 550ps AWD Auto

5.0 V8 AWD Auto SVR





Further information

[1] In-car features should be used by drivers only when safe to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times. Amazon Alexa is available in specific Markets only. Amazon, Alexa, Amazon Music, Audible and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology.

[2] Amazon is always updating the number of media streaming providers that are supported. The following providers have been certified for use: Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audible, Kindle, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

[3] Additional products and setup required for smart home functionality. Alexa-compatible smart home device required.

[4] Available in UK and US Markets only. Customers must have an InControl account and InControl Remote subscription.

[5] 12-month subscription required. Available in connected markets only. Online Pack for S specification packs and above. Vehicle must have Pivi Pro infotainment system and valid Online Pack subscription, and software has to be updated to OS3.0 or later to enable Alexa. Existing vehicles may require multiple updates to get to OS3.0 and for some owners this may require a Retailer visit. Vehicle software has to be updated and ‘activated’ to enable Alexa. User must have a valid Amazon account.

Please note: There is currently a global shortage of semi-conductor components. As a leading manufacturer utilising cutting edge technology, Land Rover is currently being affected by the shortage and as a result some features described will only be available in certain markets. We are working closely with affected suppliers to resolve the issues and minimise the impact on customer orders wherever possible. 

* All emissions, fuel economy and EV-only range figures are EU – WLTP (TEL) Combined

Note: EV range figures are based upon production vehicle over a standardised route. Range achieved will vary dependent on vehicle and battery condition, actual route and environment and driving style. The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer's tests in accordance with EU legislation. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. CO2, fuel economy, energy consumption and range figures may vary according to factors such as driving styles, environmental conditions, load, wheel fitment and accessories fitted.

Notes to Editors

Editors’ notes
Vehicle details shown are from the Jaguar global range. Specifications, options and availability may vary between markets and this release should therefore be amended and tailored as appropriate.

Important notice
Jaguar Land Rover is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles, parts and accessories and alterations take place continually. While every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature, this document should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications or availability, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle, part or accessory. All figures are manufacturer’s estimates.

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