21 September 2023

  • Jaguar has signed an agreement with Tesla to provide access to 12,000+ Superchargers for its current and future customers using the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector
  • The next generation luxury electric Jaguars, launching in 2025, will incorporate the NACS connector without the need for an adapter in the USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Jaguar will adopt the NACS connector on vehicles and home chargers and source and supply adapters from Tesla for I‑PACE drivers once available
  • Agreement is part of the strategy to deliver a global EV ecosystem supporting Jaguar’s transformation into an all‑electric modern luxury brand

Mahwah, USA –21 September 2023: Jaguar has signed an agreement with Tesla to provide drivers of its next generation electric vehicles with access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network in the United States, Canada and Mexico. All new Jaguars sold in the region from 2025 will have full integration of North American Charging Standard (NACS) without the need for an adapter. Jaguar will also source adapters from Tesla and support the supply of these to I‑PACE drivers, once available.

As part of JLR’s Reimagine strategy, Jaguar is being radically reimagined as an all‑electric modern luxury brand and this agreement is part of the strategy to create a global EV ecosystem to support Jaguar clients.

The Supercharger network in North America is reliable and easy to use, from the charger post to the connector.  The Jaguar in‑house battery and power electronics technology has been designed to optimize charging rates on both V3 and V4 Superchargers. Jaguar drivers can enjoy peace of mind in knowing their vehicle will perform at maximum charging power for whichever Supercharger type they choose.

JLR is dedicated to helping our clients make the switch to electric vehicles and to our commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2039. Today's announcement is an important step as we deliver an outstanding charging experience for our all‑electric Jaguar clients. Whilst most charging takes place at home, when away from home, our clients want access to fast, reliable and convenient chargers.
“Tesla has created a charging network across the globe that delivers this, and we are delighted to be working with them to provide access for Jaguar clients. This agreement will enable Jaguar drivers with NACS‑equipped vehicles in the USA, Canada and Mexico to use Superchargers without an adapter.

Mark Camilleri
Director Electrification Services

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About Jaguar
Jaguar will transform into an all‑electric luxury brand by 2025, with uniquely expressive vehicles defined by pioneering technologies and visionary design. A copy of nothing.

We are already on the journey to electrification, with a curated range of electric hybrid and full electric models. Today's Jaguar range comprises the I‑PACE all‑electric performance SUV, F‑PACE performance SUV, E‑PACE compact performance SUV, XE and XF saloons, XF Sportbrake and F‑TYPE sports car.

Jaguar is designed and engineered in the UK and sold in 117 countries. It belongs to the JLR house of brands with Range Rover, Defender and Discovery.

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