16 November 2022

  • Jaguar artwork made by text-to-image artificial intelligence system, DALL·E
  • Pushing against the limits of reality: Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence harnessed in the spirit of Modern Luxury by design
  • [un]reality by Jaguar Social Media showcase: Representing the creative essence of Jaguar, the unorthodox showcase will happen on @Jaguar Instagram and Twitter channels in instalments from November 16- 30, 2022

November 16, 2022, Gaydon: Jaguar has used state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) system, DALL·E, to create a series of visual galleries for its social media channels. DALL·E creates realistic images and art from text descriptions.

As part of its Reimagine transformation to become an all-electric modern luxury brand from 2025, Jaguar has dedicated itself to becoming a pioneer of next-generation technologies. [un]reality exemplifies this commitment and demonstrates the innovative and fearless character of its modern luxury by design positioning.

AI embodies the daring and curious self-expression unique to Jaguar. It felt fitting to be one of the first brands to meaningfully utilize this technology by devoting our key social platforms to this unique creative form. Innovative and courageous, '[un]reality' offers a glimpse of our ambitions for the brand.

Gerry McGovern
Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

AI image generators are radically changing the ways in which art is created and interpreted by rendering original and spectacular visuals. Jaguar utilized OpenAI’s DALL·E to create singular artworks, which are shaped entirely by DALL-E’s interpretation of the inputted text. DALL·E can process up to 12 billion parameters when transforming words into pictures. The collection is a true synergy of Artificial Intelligence and human creativity.

Jaguar was created to be a copy of nothing. We embrace new technologies as tools for realizing and enhancing this creative commitment to uniqueness and self-expression. Where better to start than social media, the window into the brand. [un]reality is the latest - and, arguably, most daring yet - articulation of Jaguar’s untethered and expressive future.

Blane Chapman
Global Head of Social, Jaguar Land Rover

[un]reality is composed of six unique stories, each comprising three individual artworks bound together by a unifying thematic thread. Each story is curated to reflect the essence of Jaguar, told through an untraditional image creation process. The series debuts with ‘Revisions’, which stages a Queer wedding in the 1950s – a historical impossibility.

These will be posted from November 16. The images will feature on Jaguar’s Instagram and Twitter channels, @Jaguar.

Further information

Background from Jaguar

Jaguar has made dramatically beautiful luxury cars since 1935, driven by its passion to make life more extraordinary for its customers. Today's world-class Jaguar model range comprises the XE and XF saloons and XF Sportbrake, F-TYPE sports car, F-PACE performance SUV, E-PACE compact performance SUV and all-electric performance SUV, the I-PACE. From 2025 Jaguar will become a pure electric modern luxury brand with a dramatically beautiful new portfolio of emotionally engaging designs and pioneering next-generation technologies. The journey towards electrification is already under way with a range of mild and plug-in hybrid and full electric models available today.


[un]reality by Jaguar

‘Revisions’ stages a Queer wedding in the 1950s – a historical impossibility.

‘Show Day’, a collection following a dancer on her way to an opening performance. The piece is a homage to the art of perfectionism and commitment.

‘Homebound’ tells the story of a long-distance relationship. The collection reminds the viewer that ‘the space between us is only ever a collection of roads’.

‘Deep Space Hibernation’ is a sci-fi voyage into the unknown. The artwork celebrates the inherent possibilities that lie in the yet-to-be-explored.

‘The Urge to Move’ reimagines humanity's original pursuit across Earth. The collection playfully alludes to Jaguar as the eternal conduit of movement itself.

‘Mitosis’, perhaps the most unsettling of all collections. The series depicts an alien landscape in which cars aren’t made, but grow