01 March 2021

Miami Jaguar retailer ‘The Collection’ unveiled the New Generation of Jaguar by throwing its ‘Jaguar FRESH Launch Event’ where social media ruled.

Here Christy Cartaya, The Collection’s Director of Marketing and Communications, explains how the retailer took a different approach to raising awareness.


It sounds like a fun party you put together. How did the evening go?

We had an amazing turn-out with over 300 guests, including over 40 media. We transformed our Jaguar showroom at The Collection into a very “fresh” summer soiree with current music, delicious specialty drinks and light catering - we called it Dinner by the Bite - served-up by some of our new, trendy local restaurants. In the end, the party spilled out into our main piazza area.


Why did you decide to call your event The Collection Jaguar FRESH launch event?

We incorporated the word ‘Fresh’ into our event because everything about the new Jaguar F-PACE and XE models is fresh. It’s about fresh new design, a fresh approach to the SUV and compact sports sedan market, a completely fresh way at looking at Jaguar, and the opportunity for us to reach a fresh, new audience.


Who was on the invitation list?

We knew the F-PACE and XE would finally give us the opportunity to reach a completely new type of customer for Jaguar. Many would be millennials who had probably never considered the brand before. That’s why our strategy for the launch party was to single-mindedly focus on clients who were 21 to 40 years old, and that’s who we invited. The guest list was comprised of a mix of F-PACE and XE hand raisers, plus current clients of The Collection who own competitive models. And finally, our group also included ‘social media influencers’ in Miami’s millennials community who would help us raise awareness and hopefully shake up the perception of the brand.


How did you use social media to add to the buzz?

This was a major component to the event, and one we worked hard to maximize. We knew our guests were huge fans of social media, and our strategy was to help and encourage them to have fun sharing their experiences. For example, everyone who used the event’s hashtag got connected to a feed that showed their postings live on two big screens at the event. Also, everyone who came to the event got a coded wristband so when our photographer took their photo, he also took a shot of their band which immediately sent the images to their smartphone. We also created customized Snapchat filters that framed their shots with a ‘Check Out This Jag’ frame. The entire evening was intended to be less of a selling event, and more to raise awareness and help put Jaguar on the radar for this demographic set.


Did you have any special guests for VIPS attend the event?

One of our local heroes is three-time Miami Heat basketball champion, 10-times NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist, Dwyane Wade. Dwyane has been a long-time ambassador for The Collection, and he joined the party with his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, arriving in a chauffeured F-PACE. He’s a huge fan of the new F-PACE and joined in the conversation by posting Snapchats from the back seat of the F-PACE, and on-site at our event.


Did anyone get to drive the new F-PACE and XE?

That was at a separate event we called Jaguar FRESH Daytime Edition – it was a test drive experience held last Saturday. This was the opportunity for our existing Jaguar customers, as well as people looking for more information on the vehicles, to try out the cars. We had 43 test-drives during the day and we made it fun by bringing-in food trucks and having a pop-up shop from a high-end luxury activewear designer. We sold four vehicles from the event.


Do you have plans to continue the momentum?

This week we kicked-off our Social Media Ambassador program. We’ve offered a six-day loan of a new F-PACE or XE to five people we’ve identified for their huge presence on social media in Miami. We have a cross-fit celebrity, a well-known Miami fashion stylist, a fashion blogger, and a travel blogger. They will post blogs and have a photographer with them for a day doing video showing how they are using the car.


How else are you raising awareness for these new Jaguar vehicles in and around Miami?

In addition to our day-to-day Marketing efforts, we have four vehicles that we’ve vinyl-wrapped with our logo and have a calendar of events all through the summer we’ll be taking them to. We’ll also do pop-up displays in front of relevant local restaurants, nightclubs and bars, just to keep raising awareness.


Is Miami potentially a big market for the new F-PACE and XE?

It’s huge. The response we’ve been getting, especially to the F-PACE, has been quite remarkable. You have to remember that in Miami, everyone wants to have the newest and hottest thing, whether it’s in fashion, in nightlife, in food or in cars. And right now in the automotive world, the F-PACE is the hot new thing and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

Like our President and CEO, Ken Gorin said, “The arrival of these two new models heralds in an exciting new generation for Jaguar.”